Will I Get Back With My Ex How Can I Get My Ex Back In Hopeless Situation

Tim and Lucy used to be a very loving couple who are admired by many of their friends. Unfortunately, Tim started feeling a bit bored and restless. He wanted something more and decided to seek some excitement. In the end, he did something that he shouldn't have done, as he couldn't resist temptation. He had a one night stand. Tim felt very guilty about it.

At one point of time, he was wondering whether to tell Lucy about it. Eventually, he decided not to do so as he believed that Lucy will never find out about his act of mischief. However, by chance, Lucy managed to find out about it.

Don't you think this is a very common scenario? What do you think usually happen to people like Tim and Lucy? Obviously, some of them ended their relationship. Yet, there are also many counter examples, whereby they managed to patch up. While it may seem impossible, the fact is that most relationship still stands a chance to be salvaged as long as at least one party is trying his or her best to salvage the relationship.

Though it should be noted that the end results still depend on both parties. Before thinking how to get your ex back, always ask yourself whether it is beneficial to both you and your partner. If you truly believe that reconciliation will bring both parties happiness, then by all means, try your very best. Here are a few points you want to take note, especially if you have just broken up. (I will use "he" and "him" for the sake of simplicity. These points are applicable for members of both gender.

) 1) Don't contact him immediately. This is your most emotional fragile period and your mind will not be clear enough. You may speak something or do something that worsens the situation. 2) Don't call him several times per days.

It makes you seem desperate and undesirable. Instead, after you feel emotionally better, just send him a note or message and tell him that both of you should cool down for a certain period of time. It can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. Suggest that both of you meet up after that for a face to face talk. Be calm and cool about it.

This will show that you are a mature person who can handle things well. Maturity is always a very attractive attribute.

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