What Are The Desires Of Your Womans Heart

Therefore men, you must show your woman that you are the One. You are her Prince Charming. I have asked her to clarify her needs to you. I am asking you to anticipate her needs. Make it so that she does not have to tell you what it is that she needs.

At least meet her needs so that she does not have to repeatedly tell you. If she does not like to receive flowers, then do not send her flowers. A lot of men think flowers are the best way to a woman's heart, she may like flowers but the deeper needs of her heart are what you want to satisfy.

I mention flowers because men tend to give women what they think they want or what they want her to have. Do not put on a show of affection that is really a show of attention. If your woman likes the attention of receiving flowers at work, then by all means, send her flowers at work. Far too often men send flowers to their woman to draw attention to what a great man she has.

What is your agenda when it comes to the meeting of your woman's needs? Remember it is not about you. It is about her. She is your priority. I would like to simplify her needs for you men. Simplifying her needs to generalized themes makes it easier for men to remember what they are supposed to be doing. When I say simplifying, that does not need to mean unimportant.

These are crucial. Most men can remember these. When you are in doubt about what to do and she has not or will not clarify her needs, ask yourself these questions. Does she need to know that I am here for her? Does she know how special she is to me? Your woman needs to know with absolute certainty that you are there for her, no matter what, whether she acts nice or not, whether she is in a good mood or not.

Men tend to give the message that, I'm here for you as long as you act the way I want you to. This is conditional love and it surrounds your woman with a sense of pressure and uncertainty. Give your woman the certainty she longs for. This covers her with a sense of safety.

Security is important to her. Strive to be very conscious of the message, I'm Here For You. Your woman also needs to know that she knows that she knows she is special to you. No, that is not an error in my typing.

I say it this way to drive home the point that she needs to know with absolute certainty. Does your woman know that she is the only one for you? You can say yes all day long but if your eyes tend to wander, then she knows that she is not enough for you. She needs to know that she is your priority. If you chose to spend more time with your hobbies and friends, you are sending her the opposite message. I am going to elaborate on these needs in Chapters 17 and 18. If you will master these needs by making her feel safe and special, the rest of her need fulfillment will be a lot easier.

Most women feel like they have to sacrifice one need for the sake of another. They believe that it is necessary to give up passion for security. On the flipside, women believe that they have to live without the security they need in order to have a relationship filled with passion. As a man who is striving to be a great partner, do not make her have to live with unmet needs. Strive to help make her life complete.

Mark Webb is the author of How To Be a Great Partner and founder of Partner Focused Relationships. Sign up for Mark Webbs Relationship Strategies Ezine ($100 value). Just visit his website at http://www.powerfulrelationshipadvice.com or http://www.therelationshipspecialist.com.

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