Married Men and Online Dating Part One

Using an Internet singles or matchmaking site can be a hazardous way to find a single man. Too many married men who want illicit relationships with other women present themselves online as being single. Fortunately for women who have had problems with this in the past, there are tricks you can use to determine if the man's really single. While the results aren't always conclusive, they can help you decide whether or not to trust your gut instinct about a guy. If you are part of the online dating world beware of those who do not post a picture of themselves.

Married men are often reluctant to post their picture because they are afraid that someone may see their profile and recognize them. If a profile does not have a picture, it goes into the suspect list. There are other reasons someone may not want to post their picture online. One of the reasons is that they may not think that they are very attractive or they may have described themselves inaccurately. The picture is the first defense against men who are married.

The first person to initiate contact is usually a married man. These men are more often found trolling for dates on the internet and are therefore more likely to be the first to attempt contact. This is just one fact to understand if you are trying to separate married men from the dating pool. You'll need to look out for other signs as well.

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