Main Reasons Why Women Stray

During recent years, researchers have discovered that women are as likely to commit adultery in a marriage as men. So what motivates the women to stray? We will explore the top reasons why women commit adultery in their marriage in our following section. Top Reasons why Women Stray According to recent studies, more and more women are committing adultery in their marriage. In addition, studies have also proved that if a woman has had intimate physical relations with more than one person before marriag, she is more likely to cheat on her spouse. There are several reasons why women can opt for an extramarital relationship.

Work Environment Provides an Opportunity to Cheat This pattern marks a change from the earlier times primarily due to the fact that a large number of women work outside their home along with other men. Office environment can sometimes be an ideal place for a woman in distress to seek external comfort from a colleague. Working men as well as women tend to spend more time at work than at home. Therefore, one tends to spend more time with the colleagues than their partner. This situation can create a ground ripe for infidelity. Women tend to attach a lot of importance to communication in their marital relationship.

However, due to the hectic work schedules, she may not be able to spend much time with her husband. Therefore, office becomes the place where women can talk and share their feelings with someone. An office confidant replaces the very husband who used to make them feel better by listening to them. When they find a male confidant at work, they start comparing the qualities of their confidant with their spouse and may start feeling that their confidant makes them feel much better. This can make them feel more close to their office colleague and this can lead to an extramarital affair even if there is only a slight problem in the marriage. Self-Approval Some women tend to cheat on their husbands to reinforce the belief that they are still attractive.

Often marriage becomes more about taking care of the household chores, running errands, taking care of the children, and managing finances. Women tend to seek approval and appreciation from their husbands. When they do not get the desired appreciation, they start feeling inadequate.

Therefore, they want to feel good about themselves. Therefore, they tend to get swayed towards another man who appreciates their hair, skin, or other personal physical attributes. This makes them feel wanted and they tend to feel swayed towards this other person. Revenge When a woman discovers that her husband is cheating on her or maybe she suspects that her husband is having an affair, she is very likely to cheat herself because she tends to feel that if he can do it, she can too.

Women are motivated to cheat when they get suspicious of mystery calls or find lipstick marks on their husbands' shirts. Unfulfilling Marriage Women tend to have a lot of expectations out of their marriage. They do not want their husband to perceive them as homemakers or child bearers. Women tend to expect romance in whatever little way. In addition, they expect someone to listen to them when they need to be heard. There are times when wives tend to feel that the marriage is lacking a special feeling and has become very mechanical.

However, most husbands tend to view it as a normal process. This can make the wife feel very frustrated and unsatisfied with the marriage. Physical intimacy also ceases to be meaningful because the emotional intimacy seems to be lacking. All these aspects make the marriage a very unfulfilling one. Therefore, women tend to look for this fulfilment and happiness with another man. Feel Neglected Women need to feel important and needed in a relationship.

Often men do not understand this need. They need to feel that their man still needs them. Many times husband get so involved in other aspects of life that they fail to give attention to their wives. Many wives complain that the TV remote or the newspaper gets more attention from their husbands than they themselves. This can be very frustrating especially if the wife keeps complaining about it.

After sometime, the husband may think that the wife keeps nagging. This feeling can hurt the wife and she may resort to getting into another relationship out of sheer exasperation or frustration.

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