How To Find Out If Your Spouse or Partner Is Cheating On You

If you suspect that your spouse is being less-than-faithful to you, you are no doubt experiencing a lot of stress. No matter why you suspect them, you have a right to know what is going on. Peroiod. There is an easy way to find out if your husband or wife has been cheating. This "detective work" involves a few easy to follow steps.

Let's go over them step by step to be sure you can uncover the answers you are hoping to find. Step #1 To accomplish this first step, it is important to get your spouse away from their cell phone for ten to fifteen minutes (longer, if possible) so that you can look at it. Pick a time when they won't be able to catch you at this. Good times are when your spouse steps into the shower or has just headed out to run an errand. This way, you'll be alone for long enough to do this first crucial step. Once you have gotten their cell phone, grab a pencil and piece of paper.

Find the call history the "incoming" and "outgoing" call history lists. Write down every phone number on both lists. If there are numbers you recognize leave them off your list. Just be certain that you jot down each number that you aren't sure of. With this finished, put the phone back where you found it and go to the computer. Your Second "Mission" Now you have a way to look into whose numbers these are on your spouse's phone.

A reverse phone lookup will be able to give you many details about people, even if the only information you have about them is their phone number. You can find out their full names, addresses and more from this one piece of information. These days over half of phone numbers are either cell phones or unlisted. What this means is that the majority of phone numbers aren't listed in any phonebook. There is a way though - businesses exist who are in the business of compiling phone numbers, even unlisted and cell phone numbers.

They put these numbers into searchable databases, which are available to the public. While these databases are not free to access, the cost is very low. If you have reason to suspect that your spouse has been cheating, the cost is a small price to pay to find out the truth.

Some of these sites offer the option of unlimited searches for a one time fee, which is the most economical option if you have several numbers that you want to look into. this is much cheaper than the per-search fee you would otherwise pay. You can try a free sample search by using the link at the bottom of this article if you want to see how this type of service works. It's interesting to see how much information you can find out about someone by simply entering their phone number. Run a reverse phone search for every number on your list and take note of the details you uncover for each.

The Final Step Your final job is to look at the names on your sheet of paper. Is there anything that looks out of the ordinary? Many times people will suspect that their partner is seeing a certain person - do you see any name that falls into that category? In any case, you do now have the information you need to know just who your spouse has been talking to. This can be valuable in trying to find if there has been any untoward behavior.

Investigating your spouse in this manner is easy to do, and can get you started on finding out if your husband or wife is up to no good.

Click Here to use a free sample reverse phone search. This type of search is also called a cell phone reverse search and it lets you find out full information on who owns any phone number!

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