Genuine Recipes From Romania With Cheese And Cabbage

In general, Romanians like eating different delicious kinds of food. Here you can find authentic Romanian recipes, which are usually cooked on special occasions, or you can try them whenever you like. Therefore, you can find out two recipes: traditional cheese ball and cabbage rolls.

As a matter of fact, Romanians hate delays in cooking something nice once they made up their mind about it. So let us start right away with the cheese ball, which you can find in any good list of Romanian recipes. The cooking time for this preparation is about an hour. The ingredients needed are 350 grams corn flour, half of teaspoon of salt, 1 liter and a half of water, for a corn flour sauce. Then, for the stuff, you need 4 eggs, 50 grams of butter, and 300 g of cheese, preferably two different kinds. Here we have to mention that the best types of cheese for this dish are bellows cheese ("branza de burduf) and a kind of salty cheese called "telemea".

The first step involves boiling the eggs and cooking the soft corn flour sauce. You have to use an earthen pot, a symbol of authentic Romanian cuisine, to get the original flavor. But first, you need to immerse the pot in water for about 15 minutes and butter up the inside of the pot adequately.

This will ensure that the cheese balls do not stick to the pot when you cook them. When the corn flour sauce has been cooked, pour one third portion into the earthen pot. Next, cut the bellows cheese into small pieces with a fork and divide the boiled eggs into two. Then put in the bellows cheese and two halved eggs along with a teaspoon of butter. Follow it up with another third of the sauce, two halved eggs and the salty cheese. Top up with the sauce left and you have your cheese balls ready.

The next recipe we are going to share with you is the cabbage roll, and it is as important member of traditional Romanian cuisine as the cheese ball. It could take you half an hour to prepare the ingredients, and thrice that time to cook in an oven. To cook the cabbage roll, you will need a kilo of minced meat, raw cabbage, which you have to scald first, 2 average sized onions, some verdure, about 200 grams of rice, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, a teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon pepper, 2 laurel leaves, and 1 hot pepper.

You will also need standard sized sauerkraut, and you should soak it in water for at least two hours beforehand so that it is free of salt. As far as equipment is concerned, you need specific kitchen utensils and a Romanian earthen pot. Besides, as home appliances, you can use the cooker, which of course must have an oven, kitchen robot or mince maker. Hack meat using a kitchen robot or a mince maker. Mix the mince with the rice, the chopped onion, the verdure, after you minced it too using a knife, tomato paste, salt and pepper.

Then you have to choose cabbage leaves and put the mixture onto them and roll them. These two authentic Romanian recipes are an expression of Romanian essential jobs in the past, which were shepherd and rich farmer, who used to enjoy eating, drinking a little natural wine or brandy and then telling jokes and feeling great.

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