Customizing Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers come in virtually every style, or theme you can imagine. You can find tops that feature the bride and groom on a motorbike or near a wishing well. You can have your cake crowned with a crown made of burnished metals, porcelain, or glass. Many people still enjoy the humorous figurines that depict the bride dragging her groom to the church. Other's choose porcelain or glass figurines of doves, dolphins, or some other animal.

Some go for glamorous and elegant cake jewelry while others prefer themed wedding cake toppers that depict their wedding theme or even their ethnic or religious identities. Whatever their style preference, most women dream of their wedding day - and they usually have a pretty vivid image of what their wedding cake will be, and one of the most important points of a wedding cake is of course the wedding cake topper. Create Perfection While shopping for your wedding cake topper you will probably come across several that would have been perfect.

Perfect, that is, if it were not for one little thing. But why should you give up that perfect top because it isn't exactly what you are looking for? Finding the exact cake top you are looking for is especially hard if your wedding has a very specific theme or color scheme. The next best thing to do if you can't find perfect - is create perfect. Simple Fix Once you have found that nearly perfect top, why not add some silk or fresh flowers that will match or compliment the colors in the cake that you commissioned? In many cases you can do this yourself or have your florist do it.

Either way you choose to do it, by arranging the additional flowers in and around your choice for the cake topper you can suddenly have a top that is unique to your wedding. The silk flowers compliment the rest of the wedding cake by adding a splash of color to the top - which sometimes has too much white in it anyway. Stunning Elegance To add even more beauty to your cake, consider buying cake jewelry that is designed to accent the entire cake by having an element for each tier. It's an elegant touch that not every one has discovered yet. Another option that it certainly due for a return to popularity is to rent a water fall that sits between the first and second tier of the cake.

Then personalize it by wrapping some silk flowers around the pillars that holds the top tier. These simple tips can help you add color and elegance to your wedding cake topper, and your entire cake.

Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Find more helpful ideas from choosing bridal footwear to surviving your wedding day at

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