Contemplating On Dating Here Are Some Tips to Attracting Women

When you put a man and a woman together, somehow, there is a strong chemistry and sexual attraction between them, unless they are relatives or siblings. There is the thrill to conquer to other person and make him or her like you.

Attracting women has not been easier. You need the other person to trust you completely and earn her respect. In achieving this, you need to spend time together to know one another, and to treat her well so that she will fall in love with you.

Whether we want to admit it or not, human beings are to a large degree victims of our genetic programming. No matter what a woman says or how civilized, cultured or progressive she tries to be, she has very specific evolutionary characteristics that shes attracted to. This is great news for us because all we have to do is embrace those characteristics and well have women falling all over us.

A major character trait that females of all species are programmed to be attracted to is status.

In the animal kingdom females are told by Mother Nature to mate with the dominant males of her species. It is no different for human beings. When female animals go into heat, they search out the strongest males to mate with in order to preserve the race and create strong offspring.

When a woman feels excited and wild over a guy shes feeling the same genetically programmed response that an animal feels when it goes into heat. She cant help these feelings. The female animal in nature goes for the seemingly unattainable, powerful, untamable male. No matter what she says or how much she tries to fight these instincts its simply factual that they exist inside her.

All of this information is encoded in her genetic structure.

Women need to feel this wild, uncontrollable attraction. They dont logically choose it they feel it or not. You can buy her flowers for the next ten years and it wont matter unless you make her feel this attraction to you.

Women dont care how things work; they care how things make them feel. In all of the romance novels and soap operas women have been devouring since they were kids, the leading males are always untamable, strong men who sweep women off their feet.

This is the quality that many potential males have. Women dont like the fact that the guy is actually a jerk its just that jerks have a tendency to have more of this primal, uncontrollable dominance that the weaker, nice guys dont have. They cant help it guys. They are simply responding to Mother Nature.

Estrogen is a drug that induces feeling. It makes women want and need to feel everything. Testosterone is a hormone of aggression/achievement and dominance. The sooner we realize and accept these facts, the easier time well have understanding the dating world.

So what exactly are some of these traits that shes genetically programmed to desire? It is status, strength, power and money.


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