Bingo Which Game And Which Set Of Rules To Play

Bingo is a great deal of fun and considered one of the easiest of games to play. Playing online bingo is no different, really. By playing online players can make use of features like auto daub which makes numbers on cards automatically as they are called, much easier than daubing in person in a bingo hall. Let the computer do the work. Also such gaming features as best card sorting and best card highlighter are allowed. Players cards are sorted and are highlighted by the closest to a bingo.

These features free a player to chat with other players.Chatting in online bingo is a bit different from bingo in person. In bingo halls talking is a prohibited activity and can get a person put out of a game. Online bingo encourages chat. The audience is highly female and most players enjoy chatting with other players, so the online bingo games encourage it for the fun it adds.

They do, however, encourage the players to follow chat etiquette, or chatiquette. Bingo has the distinction of being the most popular leisure time recreational activity in the United Kingdome for women from age 20 to age 25. It is also extremely popular for other age groups and more men as well.

Many people do not realize though that there are essentially two games called bingo and played around the world. The US version and the UK version which is also played in Australia and parts of Europe and South America. The UK version is a 90 ball game and is marked on a 9 by 3 card. The US version uses a 5 by 5 card and is a 75 ball came. In the US version the center square is usually marked as free.

In 75 ball bingo games players try for a pattern from a simple, single line to something more complex. Regardless the aim of the game is to mark off the numbers to get the pattern needed. There is also a version called speed bingo, played the same way but the numbers are called much quicker. In 90 ball bingo each card will have three horizontal lines along with nine columns. Each line will contain five numbers, which gives each card 15 numbers.

The first column will contain the numbers from one to ten, and in the second column there will be the numbers eleven through twenty until the final column in reached containing numbers from eighty-one to ninety. The popularity of bingo, whether the US or UK version is becoming greater every year. So, if you want to have a good time, give bingo a try.

Richard Sharp is the owner of a popular bingo directory . His site offers free advice on online bingo and is home to the net's most comprehensive directory of safe bingo site.

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