Advantage and Disadvantage of Distance Learning

Like everything else in the world, you have to understand both the advantage and disadvantage of distance learning. Much depends upon the student undertaking an online course - how he best utilises the pros and cons of distance leaning. For some, if the flexibility that distance learning has to offer is a boon, for others that flexibility might become a difficulty in keeping themselves motivated. There are two sides to any coin, and an individual willing to take up distance learning needs to analyze and understand both the advantage and disadvantage of distance learning. The Advangages The most promiment advantage of distance learning is the flexibility it has to offer to students. Anyone, anywhere can realize their dreams of education through the various distance learning programs available online.

In today's hectic world, distance learning makes it possible for a home-maker or a busy professional to pursue further studies while allowing them to continue in their respective roles in everyday life. By breaking down the barriers of a typical classroom and the need for phycial attendance, new vistas are opened up for students by allowing them to learn from the convenience of their homes. You get to work at your own pace, and have your privacy. Gone are the pressures of rushing to attend classes on campus, the student is his or her own boss in distance learning and that turns out to be an important factor when considering the advantage and disadvantage of distance learning. The Disadvantages If flexibility is a boon for some, for other students it could turn out to be a deterrent.

Owing to the lack of a physical teacher and a classroom, it might get difficult for some students to motivate themselves to study harder, and complete assignments on time. Procrastination is a drawback, and people who have a tendency to take it easy should stay away from an online course. Also, due to the nature of online learning, students do not get to enjoy personal interaction with fellow students and teachers; there are no group discussions that one can take part in, and the social part of the education process is lacking in distance learning. Whatever be the case it is up to the individual to survey the advantage and disadvantage of distance learning, and decide for himself if he is up to the challenge.

In distance learning you are your own competitor, and to succeed you need to motivate yourself continously. If you are up to it, then distance learning is for you.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Guide to Distance Learning. Please visit to learn more about online colleges and universities, distance learning degrees, majors and courses offered.

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